Fishing Management Measures for 2022

Fishing Management Measures for 2022

Yesterday the DFO announced the 2022 SRKW management measures. (see below along with maps attached) The good news is that we will have Chinook salmon fishing for 2022 although the overall area in which can fish has been greatly reduced. Even with the reduction of the overall area, key Chinook fishing waters have been maintained for use for our recreational fishery. These results have been achieved do a great amount of effort by many stakeholders which include the SFAB, SFI, Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce and the Vancouver Island Chamber Alliance, Alistair MacGregor MP and local Chamber members Dan Quigley and Bob Gallaugher. While we have secured our Chinook salmon fishing for the 2022 season, the work will continue as there is no doubt the DFO will be back looking to take more away in 2023. Have a great fishing season!

Southern Resident Killer Whale Bulletin (April 29th, 2022)

DFO: Overview of Management Measures

DFO: Juan de Fuca (PDF)

DFO: Swiftsure Bank (PDF)