Things to do in Port Renfrew

Often, those who wish to experience the wilderness solitude of the rainforest or the pounding rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest, one must charter a small plane or boat and venture overland by air or by sea where roads have not travelled; unless their journey leads them to Port Renfrew. Port Renfrew is where the Pacific Ocean collides with the rugged west coast of North America and massive trees push forward toward the sky. Port Renfrew is the home to the storied West Coast and Juan de Fuca trails which travel along the constantly changing scenery of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Here the Ocean is abundant with killer, grey and humpback whales in the same waters where Spanish and English galleons once explored the New World. Bear, cougar and elk live in the shelter of the massive fir, cedar and hemlock trees which tower hundreds of feet above the moss covered forest floor; their limbs reaching out to the eagles and osprey flying overhead.